Heather Margolis, Channel Maven Consulting

Posted by Carlos Blanco

"Working with Carlos and Pigs on the Roof makes me think of two words…experience and professionalism. We’ve worked with many companies and individuals with channel experience but Carlos stands out. Carlos has held every possible position one could hold in the channel including working side by side with solution providers. Having developed a detailed methodology for recruit partners, the right partners, Carlos has been a huge asset to several projects. Carlos’ ability to work at the strategic level but the desire to also work on the tactical side so he can see all facets of a project is refreshing."

Orlando Espinosa, Emineo Media

Posted by Carlos Blanco

"Anytime I have a chance to endorse Carlos and his team, I consider it a privilege. My goal is to ensure others fully understand the benefits from collaborating with Pigs on the Roof. Our clients at Emineo Media have benefited from their commitment to developing strategic and effective business plans, whether for funding, market research or for visa purposes. Any business wanting to start or extend their success or is interested in going to the next level, would benefit from the expertise, writing skills and overall professionalism Pigs on the Roof."

Rolando Epstein, Doctor Aromas

Posted by Carlos Blanco

“We first met with Carlos and his team looking for ways to grow the company; revenues were at $300.000 and we had no clear idea on how to develop our potential. We worked with Pigs on the Roof on business planning, revision of processes and solving human resources issues. Last year, our revenues surpassed $1.3 million and are tracking to $2 million this year. I can honestly say that these results would have never happened without the help of Carlos and his team.”