Testimonials – What Clients and Professionals are Saying About Us

“Matters of Divorce was a wonderful experience amidst a time of pain and loss. They sat with me and listened with sympathy and kindness to the needs I had in ending our marriage. Then based upon those needs, they provided referrals to aid us achieve our goal, which was a divorce with as little hostility and animosity as possible. The mediator we were referred to through Matters of Divorce treated us with dignity and, although difficult, our divorce could have been so much worse.”

Brenda Shapiro, Esq.
“Post-divorce matters crosses many topics and disciplines, and Matters of Divorce is one of the few service providers that’s holistically looking at all the issues and supporting people in their transition out of divorce.”


“I was ready to leave my wife and knew it would not be an easy separation. Via the services of Matters of Divorce, I was referred to a top quality attorney who represented my interests in the divorce that is now behind me. The attorney was a perfect fit with my personality and pocketbook.”


“When my 15-year marriage ended, there were so many lose ends that needed to be addressed. With one phone call to Matters of Divorce, they took care of just about everything, and their post-divorce checklist was an invaluable guide. I can’t imagine what I would have done without Mattes of Divorce.”


Robert Merlin, Esq.
“Many of my clients are overwhelmed after their divorce has been finalized. Sometimes, they cannot get themselves organized to move forward with their lives. Matters of Divorce’s services are very helpful to my clients — they help them get organized for their future with services that they truly appreciate.”