How We Can Help

Start-up, small or medium business or a big business,  it’s never easy getting ideas off the ground.  Managing existing priorities and the business at hand, leaves little time to conceptualize programs, initiate growth plans or to improve existing operations.  All companies want to do more with what they have, but often face resource limitations and lack of objective internal expertise that keep them from getting to the  next level.

We know because we’ve been there.  The principals of Pigs on the Roof are investors, successful small business owners and veteran senior executives with various multi-national corporations.  This experience and unique skill set helps us cut through the clutter to provide focus on what critical objectives, programs and expenditures really matter to our clients.

Our services are designed to augment what you have.  It’s your idea.  It’s your business. It’s your department.  We fit in where you need us, with an eye toward:

  • Improving existing processes and operations
  • Vetting ideas and programs and their assumptions
  • Providing the expertise and resources to support new initiatives and programs

It’s our goal to help businesses of all sizes be quicker and smarter to market in order for them to maximize their potential.  We are an objective, experienced and driven service partner who is ready to help.  Most importantly, far from applying the “cookie cutter” approaches utilized by most consultancies, we deliver the right solution for the unique situation of each client.

So if you want to see your great idea take flight, give us a call at 305.336.3949 or reach out via Email today.  It will be our pleasure to meet in order to discuss what you have in mind and ultimately show you how we can be of invaluable service.