Benefits Just for You

You already know that the initial consultation is FREE.  This alone is an unreal benefit!  But there is much more we can do for you.

Did you know that most divorce professionals charge for an initial consultation?  Alone, this initial consultation can run into the hundreds of dollars!  Have simple questions or concerns and need to ask?  You will likely be charged for answers as well!

After your FREE consultation, we can deliver even more assistance and support.  For only $249, we provide you with the following benefits:

  • The Big Kaboom Transition Assistant.  A real person assigned to you—someone you can call as many times as you want, and for the length of your divorce process.
  • Divorce Care Team Free Consultations.  With family law attorneys, mediators, marriage counselors, therapists and financial professionals so you can consider all your options without worrying about the cost—each matched to your personality and pocketbook.
  • “Ask the Experts” Questions.  The availability of our Divorce Care Team members to respond to any questions that may present themselves during your divorce process.  You simple ask your pressing question, and you get an answer from an expert in that particular area.
  • Divorce Care Team Post-divorce Referrals.  To trusted professionals that can help with critical items and decisions, such as:  investments, selling property, vehicle registration changes, insurance, creating a will/trust and much more.
  • Prioritized Scheduling and Reminders.  Your Transition Assistant schedules your appointments for any consultations and referrals and sends you reminders before the appointment dates.  Your appointments receive priority scheduling from our Divorce Care Team members.
  • Post-divorce “To Do” List.  Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) and/or Final Judgment (FJ) read through in order to highlight actions that you need to address right away and others that you may have not even considered.

Our Divorce Care Team members are not only highly qualified professionals, but just as important, great people too—the kind we like doing business with.  Given our relationship with these professionals, means you save time, money and frustration.

If done on your own, the consultations alone could easily cost you over $1,000 or more!  The value of your Transition Assistant?  Priceless!

We know you will agree that this is a tremendous value.  Get the answers, referrals and support you need for only $249.  REGISTER TODAY!