The ABC’s Of Divorce

Did you know that the average length of a divorce proceeding in the United States is one year?

Now is the time to begin your education.  This will put you in a better position, no matter what you decide: saving your marriage or moving forward with the divorce.

The “ABC’s of Divorce” details important issues for you to consider, no matter what stage of divorce you may be facing:

Each phase of divorce is different and each brings its own challenges, doubts and concerns.  This document sheds light on some of the things you may face at each stage.  We hope that these suggestions and ideas will be of value to you.

By providing answers, trusted referrals and support with a human touch, we take the mystery out of divorce.  Designed with you in mind, we offer a unique, non-legal service delivered by real people.  Your Transition Assistant is someone who’s “walked in your shoes” and is there for you throughout your divorce process.

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